Sulfate Removable Facilities (new)

Construction, Pre commissioning for Civil & Mechanical Works for Installation of Sulfate Removable Facilities including the following:

  • Earthworks
  • Concrete Works
  • Under ground networks RTR including Manholes / catch basin / Sumps
  • Fabrication and Erection of Steel Structures (Pipe Racks and N.F Building)
  • Concrete works and Finishing of (5) Buildings
  • Pre-fabrication and Erection C.S Piping including Painting and Hydro-test
  • Pre-fabrication and Erection for intake and rejection pipelines (36 ” and 16 “) C.S Piping including Painting and Hydro-test including (Tie-Ins)
  • Equipment Erection ( 6 Vessels , 29 Pumps and 21 Miscellaneous)
  • Pre-commissioning

Zohr gas field development

Construction of an onshore Gas complex (phase 1) with a production capacity of 1.4 BCFD.

The offshore field development includes fabrication of control platform & deep water structures in addition to coating of subsea pipelines. Zohr Offshore field is located 180 km off the onshore plant in the Mediterranean sea and at a depth of 1450 m. The field has a total potential of about 30 TCF in place.

West Nile gas development

Development of gas treatment plant at Burullus to treat gas received from the offshore fields Taurus, Giza fayoum, & Raven. Petrojet scope of work is construction, E & I works. in addition to construction of tanks, fabrication of process equipment. Also it includes Polyethylene & concrete coating for subsea pipelines & fabrication of deep water structures.

ERC Refinery

Execution of  Civil, Mechanical works, steel structure, equipment and pipelines installation and Electrical works

Propylene & Polypropylene (PP) Complex

Construction of a petrochemical complex at Port Said, North of Egypt, consisting of a Propylene plant and a Polypropylene plant with respective annual production capacities of 350,000 tons as well as all appurtenant utilities and off-sites, including an air fractionation and refrigerating unit, and the required storage tanks. Propylene Plant is based on UHDE’s proprietary STAR Process for Propane dehydrogenation, while Polypropylene Plant is based on Basell’s Spheripol Process.


The establishment of a complete Ammonia/Urea complex including off sites facilities and interconnection to Abu-Qir (1 & 2) with an Ammonia production capacity of 1200 ton/day and Urea Production Capacity of 1925 ton/day

Certified: ISO 9001- ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001 - ISO 17025
ASME Stamps - API Q1 - Hull Structures