The establishment of a complete Ammonia/Urea complex including off sites facilities and interconnection

to Abu-Qir (1&2) with an Ammonia production capacity of 1200 Ton/Day and Urea Production Capacity of

1925 Ton/Day

Zohr Plant

Building an onshore Gas complex (phase1) with a  production capactiy of 1.4 BCFD.

The project is 190 km from Zohr Field located in the Mediterranean sea. The Field has a total potential of about 300 TCF in place.

West Nile gas development civil-steel structure package

Development of WND fields, the project consists of  2 phases. The 1st phase involves the development of Raven with a capacity of 600 MMCFD while the 2nd  phase involves the development of Giza Fayoum at Brown Field instead of the old Rossete plant with a  capacity of 438 MMCFD

Midor refinery

Developing Midor Refinery Plant – Pre-flash Tower Unit to increase production capacity by 15% (115 Ton/year)


Project aims at increasing the gas production at BED-3 up to 200 MMSCFD by bringing gas from newly discovered wells at Karam (5 Wells) and Assil (2 Wells) online. Development includes a new CO2 Removal Plant (CRP) to remove high CO2 content prior to further processing the gas at the existing BED-3 facilities to meet the export CO2 specifications

Mediterranean NGL Development

A natural gas liquids extraction facility relying on natural gas produced from North East Mediterranean fields (Al Temsah, Port Fouad, Habi, and Akhen) to extract natural gas derivatives.

It is designed to process 1100 MMCFD to produce 300 thousand tons of LPG for the local market, 280 thousand tons of propane for export, and million barrel per year of condensates, and to supply the olefin complex in the future with Ethane/Propane mixture by 400 thousand tons per year.

Certified: ISO 9001- ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001 - ISO 17025
ASME Stamps - API Q1 - Hull Structures