Petrojet’s drilling machine breakthrough

Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi attended a ceremony on Saturday 23 rd Dec,2017  in the East Suez Canal development  zone in northern Ismailia. The ceremony was for Petrojet accomplishment of  the open cut drilling, the precast concrete lining (Petrojet production) and the breakthrough of petrojet Drilling machine on 4th Dec to the east side of the canal in a record. time.

The event was attendant by Armed forces officials, the Minister of petroleum Tarek El Molla, Eng. Waleed lofty, Petrojet CEO and a number of senior state officials.

The president described the completion of the construction of the tunnels in less than one-and-a-half years, instead of the initial estimate of 12 years, as an achievement.


1st Al-Ahram Energy Conference

December 19, 2017

The two-day Al-Ahram Energy Conference was held on Monday Dec 18, 2017 under the patronage of Prime Minister Sherif Ismail with the attendance of Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarik Al-Molla, and Dr. Mohammed Shaker, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy. Senior state officials heads and representatives of major Egyptian and international oil and electricity companies also attended the conference.

The conference sessions tackled such issues as the vision of the Ministries of Electricity and Petroleum on transforming Egypt into a regional energy hub, discussing “Foreign Partners and Investment Opportunities in the Energy Sector in addition to reviewing different approaches in financing energy projects.”

Moreover, the sessions reviewed the opportunities for the national industry and focused on petrochemicals as a model for these opportunities.


Zohr gas treatment plant starts operation

Dec. 16, 2017

Two gas flares at Zohr gas treatment plant have started operation on Dec. 14, 2017 and the plant pumped experimental quantities of gas to the national grid, in preparation to start processing Zohr gas at this plant”
Initial production of Zohr gas field has started on Saturday Dec. 16, 2017, with a production capacity of 350 million cubic feet a day. With the completion of the initial phase for this project planned for May 2018 production will gradually reach more than a billion cubic feet a day,

The Mediterranean’s largest gas field Zohr with an area of 100 square meters at a depth of 1,450 meters was discovered in 2015 by Italian energy company Eni and is expected to save Egypt some $1 billion annually in gas imports.


Khalda Appreciation Letter

Petrojet Received An Appreciation Letter From Khalda Petroleum Company for The Outstanding Effort Of Petrojet Workers Who Lifted ( 3 ) Free Water Knock-Out Drums (3 FWKOD) Using 600 Tonnes Crane.


Petrojet names new chairman

Minister of Petroleum Tarek el-Molla has appointed Eng. Waleed lofty, chairman and managing director to Petrojet.

Eng. Waleed is well- versed into Petrojet culture as he was the chairman assistant for regional projects & Zohr field Director in addition to having many other posts in petrojet’s branches and projects.

The news was received positively by Petrojet employees which were delighted for Eng. Waleed for having on the presidency.




Celebrating 1st year of achievements in WND


Subsea 7 organized a rewarding ceremony to honour and show appreciation to PETROJET employees of the WND development project in Alexandria for their hard work.

Petrojet is carrying out this project through its Marine Department and dedicated staff, its scope of work includes fabrication, installation and inspection for the following:

3 Manifolds

9 PLETS with Various inches

4 ILTs (6″ and 24″)


8 PLR for the pre commissioning


Petrojet participates in The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) in its 20th round from 13-16 November 2017.

ADIPEC is in the top 3 oil and gas events in the world. It provides an unrivalled global platform for oil and gas professionals. The world-renowned conference programme educates, provides knowledge transfer, and offers unparalleled networking opportunities.

With over than 900 expert speakers across more than 200 conference sessions, Petrojet Engages with industry peers and gains insights into the latest oil and gas industry challenges and trends.

The event is Located in Abu Dhabi where it acts as a natural cross road between the east and the west and is fast becoming one of the world’s most influential energy hubs for the 21st century.


Main office opening ceremony

18th March 2017

Eng.Tarek El Molla, Minister of petroleum & Mineral resources, has attended the opening ceremony of the new Main Office building, the event was organized by Petrojet on 18th March 2017

Egypt’s giant gas field Zohr will start production

Zohr with a total potential of 850 billion cubic meters of gas in place, is the largest natural gas field ever discovered in the Mediterranean. The field will start production through phases where it’s started the 1st phase nowadays, Nova agency stated.

The field will produce Natural Gas expected to secure Egypt’s domestic needs of gas after it has become a net importer of gas. The Natural Gas produced from field will be exploited in many investments contributing in increasing local production capacity which by means increases economic growth

Petrofac appreciation letter


Petrojet received certificate of appreciation from Petrofac for achieving one million man- hours with lost time injury (LTI) in Lower Fars Heavy Oil Development program Phase-1 in Kuwait

Petrojet as a sub-contactor of HIESCO performed phase-1 with high quality performance while maintaining the best HSE measures. It’s noteworthy that Petrojet is working in Kuwait  under harsh weather conditions which makes its work challenging.

Certified: ISO 9001- ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001 - ISO 17025
ASME Stamps - API Q1 - Hull Structures