Nooros-Abu MAdi-El Gamil Pipeline Project

Execution of a Gas Trunk Line Pipeline With total length of 126 km from Nooros to El Gamil passing Abu Madi Plant.

1st Pipeline with Diameter 24” and Length 35 km from Nooros Fields Area to Abu Madi Plant.

2nd Pipeline With Diameter 32” and Length 91   km from Abu Madi Plant to El Gamil Plant.


The Scope of Work Including:

  • Polyethylene and Concrete Coating for Pipeline Pipes.
  • Permitting/Land compensation.
  • Backfilling of Manzala Lake for about 2.2 Million m3 of soil.
  • 7 new Valves rooms (1 inside Manzala lake)
  • Receiving facilities in AbuMadi and El Gamil plants
  • About 57 HDD Crossings and 50 Open Cut Crossings to be executed.

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Certified: ISO 9001- ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001 - ISO 17025
ASME Stamps - API Q1 - Hull Structures